Louisiana Market CEO Named

Mercy Regional Medical Center/Acadian Medical Center’s CEO
Named Louisiana Market CEO


Local CEO, Scott Smith of Mercy Regional Medical Center and Acadian Medical Center has been named Louisiana Market CEO.  Mercy Regional Medical Center and Acadian Medical Center will soon begin collaborating in new and meaningful ways with LifePoint’s other Louisiana hospitals.

This March, our hospitals will come together with Minden Medical Center in Minden and Teche Regional Medical Center in Morgan City to form the Louisiana Market. This will enable us to better align and more effectively implement our strategic plans, strengthen our delivery of care close to home and ensure operational excellence across the board.

Working with our other Louisiana hospitals makes great sense for us. As you know, the current national healthcare landscape is facing challenges like never before. And, as part of the Louisiana healthcare system, our hospitals share a common and complex regulatory environment – one that is almost certain to face significant change in the coming months. By proactively coming together as a market, we can build a strong, collaborative network that will enable us to keep quality care close to home and ensure the long-term stability of all of our facilities.

From an operational perspective, we do not anticipate any immediate changes, though we are always evaluating ways to enhance processes and services across all of our facilities so that we are able to deliver the best possible care. We do expect that aligning as a market will offer benefits to our employees and medical staff. With new resources to grow and expand the services we offer, there will be new opportunities for growth and professional development.

While our patients will benefit from this collaboration through enhanced quality care and increased access to services, it will be largely unnoticeable to the general public because our name, our providers, our staff, our facilities, and our contact information will not change.

To help guide the formation of this market and ensure its success, Scott Smith will serve as market CEO, in addition to his current position as CEO of Mercy and Acadian. Scott’s strong leadership skills, extensive experience and deep understanding of the challenges specific to Louisiana will certainly be beneficial for all of our facilities. Minden and Teche will retain their local CEOs, both of whom will work closely with Scott to ensure the ongoing success of their hospitals as well as the success of the Louisiana Market.

This is an exciting time for our hospitals. Our facilities have great potential, and we are excited to explore new ways that we can work together to strengthen the delivery of care for those we are privileged to serve.